teasersFearfully, Tessa shook her head and quickly backed away from the dark, faceless humanoid mass reaching for Solo in her hands.

'Something dark - something wicked - something deadly is coming! I have to hide - but where?'
Her mind raced as the nightmare began crumbling around her....

'For Love's Sake' -- Chapter 22

(Permission given by museum. Museum credited in the book)

TeasersAngling his barrel out of his side window, he took aim at Richie then slowly squeezed the trigger – a heartbeat later he was nearly sideswiped by the Seacouver Action News van as it plowed pell-mell past him.

teasers"Geese! I told you to slow down!" Randi McFarland shouted at her cameraman-driver.

"No you didn't! You told me to 'put my foot in it' or get out and push!"

'For Love's Sake' – Chapter 24

teasers**From the gossip column of THE ROMAN RAG (25 AD/CE)**

"During our esteemed Senator's no-holds-barred Bacchanal orgy, rumor has it that Methos
was evicted for indecency!"

Read how Methos managed to accomplish this in Chapter Three -- 'For Love's Sake'.


teasersFitz is giving Duncan some advice on how to run the Antique Shop ...

"Well, thought I'd find you back here, laddie," came the bright, exuberant voice of Hugh Fitzcairn. "Tried the front shop door – blasted thing was locked up tighter than the Crown Jewels. Don't know how you think you're in business if you keep your bleed'en business door locked when it's this beautiful out." He waved his pipe in the wind to further reinforce his affirmation of the 'glorious day' then took a puff. "Customers running all over themselves shopping on a day like this."

For Love's sake". Chapter 13

teasers"Fitz, Watchers don't make announcements to Immortals," Joe retorted a bit sarcastically.

"Well then, you leave me no choice,…..I'll just have to make an 'immortal announcement'," Fitz retorted smartly, and reached for the intercom. Joe buried his face in his hands.

For Love's sake. Chapter 32


teasersGripping the Rapier, Tessa swiftly raised it from its stand.

"I'll be dead and damned if I let you take what is rightfully mine, here and now!"

Eyes ablaze with inner fire, she smoothly lowered the blade to attack position and faced Amanda.

'For Love's Sake' -- Chapter 25


teasers"Joe, I'm a police officer first – a Watcher second.

Duke is my 'assignment' and my partner, and partners protect each other.

There is a killer on the loose in our city….a killer who also knows how to end an Immortal.

If I see him anywhere, I'm taking him down before he gets Duke. He's a dead man."

'For Love's Sake' – Chapter 8