Pre-existing main characters

Duncan MacLeod

Duncan MacLeod

Tessa Nöel

Tessa Nöel

Richie Ryan

Richie Ryan

Hugh Fitzcairn

Hugh Fitzcairn

Amanda Darieux

Amanda Darieux

Dr. Grace Chandel

Dr. Grace Chandel

Joe Dawson

Joe Dawson

Connor MacLeod

Connor MacLeod



Pre-existing TV characters used in 'For Love's Sake'

1. Carmen – A gypsy woman from 1848. She was Duncan's lover for a short time. She pronounced his life-long curse to always be alone – to bury women but not merry any.

2. Claire Bailey – Richie's mortal Watcher in 1993.

3. Maurice Lalonde – mortal neighbor who owns the boat next to Duncan's in Paris.

4. Sylvia Krause –Sean Burns' Watcher in the 20th century.

5. Jeanette Fallon –Grace Chandel's Watcher in the 20th century. She criticizes Joe for getting 'too close' to the Immortals.

6. Debra Adkins –Ceirdwyn's Watcher.

8. Rebecca Running Bear - Coltec's Watcher

9. Immortal Coltec.

10. Melanie Hind –Cassandra's Watcher.

11. Immortal Cassandra

12. Immortal Sean Burns

13. James Horton – Renegade mortal Watcher who is bent on the destruction of every Immortal.

14. Xavier St. Cloud – Immortal, ruthless in his attacks.

15. Randi McFarland – News reporter – mortal.

16. Linda Plager – a passionate photographer who had died before the story opened.

17. Pallin Wolf - Mortal Watcher killed by Duncan MacLeod after he lured him to the Tudor house and tried to kill him. He kidnapped Tessa. He was one of James Horton's students.

18. Michelle – former mortal companion of the now also deceased Immortal James Fly.

19. James Fly – an Immortal killed by Pallin Wolf.

20. Darius – an Immortal killed by James Horton.

21. Axel Whittaker – an Immortal who picks up very young Immortals then beheads them.

22. Gavriel Lorka, a Portuguese Immortal from the early 15th century. He convinced a tribe in South America that he was a god.

23. Paco – Duncan's guide into the unexplored back areas of the Peruvian jungle.

24. Sean – an immortal drummer boy during the Civil War – 1862. He was 9 years old. He lost his head when Duncan left him with Catherine, at a 'safe house' – one he used for Negro Slaves and Immortal took his head while Duncan was away.

25. Mark Roszca – Assassin for Pallin Wolf. Mortal - believed to be a kid-junkie looking for drug money.

New characters created for Highlander Imagine Series

1. Sergeant Richard Berry – Police officer – mortal.

2. Kevin Kilgore – young rooky police officer and newly graduated mortal Watcher. He started working in the service of the Watchers, assigned under Joe Dawson in Seacouver, on the morning of October 23rd, 1993.

3. Corporal Jacob Sandowski, 'Sandy' – police officer in Seacouver - mortal. Watcher under Joe Dawson. Assigned to watch Duke Maxim (Ducanus Marcus Maximinus), an Immortal Roman Praetorian guard.

4. Sergeant Duke Maxim (Ducanus Marcus Maximinus) – Police partner to Sandy. He is an Immortal Cretan – later became a Roman. Described as being five-and-one-half foot height, heavy muscular neck and shoulders along with rock solid abs. He started out in life as the son of a goat herder. The family who raised him had no sons – only daughters. They said they found him when their goats came upon him at the foot of Mount Ida in Crete, the legendary birthplace of Zeus. They believed he had been left in the path of their goats in answer to their prayers for a son. They gave him the name Diogenes – 'born of Zeus'. He became a Minoan Crete almost 2100 years ago, celebrating the culture and customs – until the Roman invasion (75 BC/BCE) when he was taken prisoner as a young man and sold into slavery in Rome. He was a slave in Gaius Antius Antonia house in Rome during the turmoil period of Marcus Antonius, then ruler of the rapidly failing Roman Republic.

5. Dr. Andrews – Physician who checks on Tessa in the hospital when she was shot.

6. Joyce – A female mortal Watcher.

7. Kawill Redford – Immortal (name used in 1830) Out of Oxford University. An Olmec descendent – almost 1200 years old. Kawill Rockford – name used in the 20th century. He is described as a man in about the mid five-foot tall range – a dark olive complexion – straight brown hair, braided neatly into a single braid down his back, whiskerless, smooth oval face and piercing brown eyes. His physical features could fit anyone of a dozen different ethnic groups from Mexico through parts of South America. He was virtually timeless. His clothes were native – hand stitched local fabrics in earth tones – shirt, a pullover – knee length trousers with leg wrappings and stiff moccasin shoe – a semi bowler-shaped hat, walking stick, machete, and dark rust-colored tilmatli completed his outfit.

8. Hayward Lawrence – artist, Kawill's Watcher in 1830.

9. Geese Nelson – Randi's cameraman and driver

10. Marcus Antonius Maximinus – an Immortal Roman and instructor of Ducanus Marcus Maximinus – a name he gave him in 70 BC.

11. Paula Roca – Peruvian mortal Watcher. A paleoanthropologist, Paula has a fiery Peruvian temper, and ginger colored hair.

12. Roland Martin – Immortal student of Harry Long.

13. Harry Long – Immortal instructor of Roland Martin. Harry once jousted. Age is unknown.

14. Dudley Dillon - Mortal Watcher assigned to Grace when her Watcher Jeanette Fallon has to leave Paris.

15. Inspector Barns - female police inspector who questions Tessa in the Hospital after the shooting.

16. Senator Taren – Roman Senator who hosts an 'illegal' festival of Bacchus (the Roman god of wine and drunken orgies) while his wife is away at the Oracle of Delphi in 25 AD.

17. Gaius Antius Antonia – a roman dignitary who owned Diogenes before he became Ducanus Marcus Maximinus.

18. Female slave in the house of Gaius Antius Antonia.