Down in the depths of the Paris catacombs, Tessa and Paula find themselves in serious trouble when...teasers
“Our light is gone, we can’t see what is around us,” Tessa called back.
“It is dangerous to walk without a light over there. I will come to you,” the male voice replied.
A humanoid shadow quickly formed on the far wall then began to shrink as the man approached the end of the corridor ahead of them. 
“Stay there,” he shouted again, “Don’t move—I’m coming for you now.”
All of a sudden, an enormous pair of shadow bat wing shapes rose from the sides of the approaching figure.
“We’re going to die!” Paula shrieked.


“Gentlemen, the library’s Rotunda Room is closing now, an elderly library attendant said then quickly approached the men. 
“Here now—how did you get that door open? You’re not allowed in—”
Reaching quickly into his jacket, the Watcher drew his MK25—then looped an arm around the startled man’s neck. Slinging him into the room, he leveled his pistol, in one smooth motion, and fired. The sound from the silencer never left the room. 
Helmut tensed noticeably and quickly glanced back into the Rotunda Room. 
“Did you have to do that?”
Guy shrugged noncommittally as his hand grabbed the elevator’s main breaker and he threw the switch.
“So, when does this party finally get started?” Tom asked casually as he watched the old man gasped his last breath.teasers
“When Horton gets here with his bloodhound, Xavier,” Bruce replied contemptuously.
“This library isn’t as empty as I thought it would be by now,” Helmut said looking about a bit nervously. 
“Calm down! Does it really matter how many people are still in here when we start shooting?” Guy asked.
“It might,” Xavier replied with a thin smile as he silently stepped out from around the shelves startling everyone.
"Alright -- everyone just settle down," James said quietly as he slipped up next to his Watcher, Helmut.
"Is everyone ready--good--let's get down to business. How many Immortals are here tonight?" James asked, glancing to Xavier. "And where is Duncan MacLeod?"


Benny Carbassa is someone you don't want to know. He always has a deal up his sleeve and the deal is always bad.

teasersKawill groaned. “I paid you to broker a certain set of llama statues. This isn't authentic South American work-- the stamp says, ‘Made in China’." 
Benny quickly dropped to one knee. 
“Please, Mr. Kawill,” he gasped, “you don’t want my Quickening—ah—it’s no good. You’ll just end up crazy—like me.”
“Don’t worry, I’ll see a shrink. Now draw your sword -- you’re dead meat!”
Benny thought fast. “I know this guy—we’re pals. Name’s MacLeod—Duncan MacLeod. The guy on that card I gave you can tell you where he got his set of llamas from and where he is right now."


Paula stopped. “Who are you researching?”

“The Methos chronicle.”

Oh, you have that god-myth for an assignment. Good luck with that one.”

Adam returned a very wide-eyed stare. “A God-myth? That’s one I haven’t heard before.”

teasersteasersConnor’s maneuver literally propelled Richie’s sword out of his hands. In the next instant, he swung for Richie’s head.


teasersThis one's for you, Holly McMiller! A Richie-Duncan moment ...

“Saw something you liked – snapping jaws aside?” Duncan said with a knowing grin.
“What makes you say that?” Richie remarked with a silly grin that was ear to ear.
Duncan shook his head as he retrieved his cloak. “What do you know about dog training?”
“It’s a dog – how hard can it be?”
“Yeah, sure.” Duncan rolled his eyes. “Come on, we’ve got some practicing to get in today.” Handing Richie’s practice sword back to him, he slapped his shoulder.



“A sword? Sure—just the thing to have in your hands when you are trying to get a date.”






Darius shook his head. "A sword in my hand now? Not now, not ever again,” he replied.